Cleaning & Repair

Along with supplying premium quality rugs, we also provide professional cleaning and repair services for rugs. We have been around in the industry for more than twenty years and have tried and tested methods to preserve your prized rugs. We use industry best practices to clean and remove stains from rugs, transforming them into looking like brand new rugs.

It is essential to clean rugs periodically to ensure longevity of your rugs. Cleaning them at regular intervals also frees them of dust and seasonal allergens. Professional cleaning of rugs every three to five years is recommended so that you can have clean refreshed rugs in your home. We have been rendering this service to thousands of our customers along with our complimentary pick up and drop off service so that you can have your rug back in a matter of days.

Our range of services also includes repair and restoration services for rugs that have been damaged and need TLC. We are just a call away for anything that your rug requires and we will be happy to serve you. Feel free to call us for a complimentary quote! For more information on our services visit



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